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Website Hosting

Fed up with having to sort out everything with different people/companies? We will provide a one-stop solution, Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting and Support.

Our Starter Package includes

  • 100MB of Storage (more than ample for any average website)
  • 500MB of Traffic
  • 1 'catch-all' pop3 email account
  • Site Statistics

In addition we can provide a wide variety of services that will ensure that even the most complicated and advanced website will be able to use our Hosting Services.

  • additional storage
  • additional traffic
  • further email accounts
  • detailed site statistics
  • mySql databases
  • php
  • spam protection

This area requires an individual approach and needs to be tailored to every customer to fit with their own sites aims and objectives. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and let is explain our approach and our methods. Unlike other companies, we are clear that success can not be guaranteed as it always depends on the changing standards of the Search Engines, if you reach top spot and for how long to remain there.