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Search Engine Optimisation

Even if you have the best products or services, it is no good if your website can not be found.


Getting listed on Search Engines and most importantly in Google (as over 80% of all searches are made there) is a must.
These are some of the issues we will look at:

  • site structure and file names
  • keywords used
  • layout (css and graphics alt texts)
  • links and web directory entries relevant to the topic
  • paid for adword campaign
  • newsletters, ebay listings and other supporting measures

This area requires an individual approach and needs to be tailored to every customer to fit with their own sites aims and objectives. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and let is explain our approach and our methods. Unlike other companies, we are clear that success can not be guaranteed as it always depends on the changing standards of the Search Engines, if you reach top spot and for how long you may remain there.